Motorcycle Accessories

Suspension Kits
Motorcycle suspension kits. Ride height adjusting rear suspension lowering and rising kits by Lust Racing. We manufacture a wide range of motorcycle ride height adjuster kits to lower or rise the rear suspension / tail of your motorbike. Lust Racing's lowering and rising kits rears suspension linkages replaces the stock items and are easy to fit. Our links ("dogbones") are precision made out of high tensile steel, guaranteed to be as strong as or stronger than the stock items. Like all our products Lust Racing's lowering and rising kits are beautifully finished. Our suspension kits are EDP powder coated in black, only genuine Lust Racing suspension links comes with the Lust Racing brand name on them. name.
Suspension Kits

Crash Protectors
Lust Racing manufactures motorcycle high quality crash protectors. Crash protectors are also known as engine protectors, frame sliders, crash bobbins, crash mushrooms and fairing protectors. Developed for racing these protectors are also suitable for road use. Some insurance companies lower your insurance quote for fitting crash protectors on your motorcycle. Check with your insurance provider
Crash Protectors

LR Motorcycle Accessories
Lust Racing Ltd manufactures high quality aftermarket motorcycle accessories for popular Japanese sports and super sports bike makes Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda. Lust Racing motorcycle accessories and products are known worldwide for their high quality, engineering and design.
Motorcycle Accessories

Adjustable Rearsets
Our motorcycle rearsets are made of lightweight super strong billet aircraft aluminum, and precision machined using 3D CNC mills. We produce fully adjustable rearsets for Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles.
Motorcycle Rearsets

Lowering Kits
See our wide range of motorcycle lowering kits for Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles. Now you can lower your Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha motorcycle to fit your needs. For most bikes we have lowering kits for various lowering of the rear suspension.
Lowering Kits

Jack Up Kits
See our range of motorcycle suspension rising kits for Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycles. Like to raise the rear suspension of your bike? See our range of rear suspension rising kits.
Jack Up Kits

Motorcycle Accessories

crash protectors for motorcycles

Suspension kits by Lust Racing

Motorcycle rear suspension linkage kits

Suspension lowering and rising kits by Lust Racing, Lust Racing produces suspension lowering and rising kits for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycles. See our shop for fitting and pricing details. Lust Racing is continuously expanding our product range, if you do not find the product you are looking for please let us know! You can also sign-up for our quarterly newsletter to get announcements of new products and special offers. Lust Racing is dedicated to customer service, our aim is to produce high quality motorcycle accessories to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Motorcycle lowering kits

Honda lowering kits
Yamaha lowering kits
Suzuki lowering kits
Kawasaki lowering kits

Motorcycle jack up kits

Honda jack up kits
Yamaha Jack Up kits
Suzuki jack up kits
Kawasaki jack up kits
Triumph jack up kits

Motorcycle Accessories

Suzuki Suspension Kits
Yamaha Suspension Kits
Kawasaki Suspension Kits
Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle Rearsets
Yamaha YZF R1 adjustable rearsets

Fully adjustable motorcycle rearsets manufactured from aircraft billet aluminum. We manufacture rearsets for popular Japanese sports and superbikes like Suzuki GSXR 600/750/1000, Yamaha YZF R1 and YZF R6, Kawasaki ZX6,636, ZX6R, and Honda CBR600RR and Fireblade models.

Suspension Kits
Suspension linkages

Ride height adjuster kits for lowering or rising the rear suspension of your motorcycle. Replacing the suspension linkage provides the possibility to set up the suspension to suit the the racing track, track conditions and riding style. A must have for racing and track day use, highly popular for road use, streetfighter and stunt bikes. Easy to install with basic hand tools.

Crash Protectors
faring protectors - crash protectors

Crash protectors by Lust Racing. We manufacture heave-duty crash protectors mounted to the front engine mountings on the frame. Extremely high quality. Above our kit for Honda CBR600RR Lust Racing produces also fairing protectors "small bung's" protecting the bike further, small protectors are fitted at fairing fixing points. Fitting faring protectors may lower your insurance premium. Check with your insurance provider.

Who uses our products?

We ship motorcycle accessories worldwide to motorcycle racing teams, workshops and motorcycle owners. motorcycle accessories. LR.Lust Racing.

“There is a very good feel to the LUST Racing lowering links, you can actually feel the quality! ”
- Sean Carins, Triumph 800XCx lowering kit

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