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Suspension Set up terms
Learn the motorcycle suspension set up terminology and understand what each word and term means in our suspension set up glossary. Every rider can find their own ideal suspension set up. The ideal set up for you depends on several factors, the track or road you use, the condition of the track and the weather, your length and weight, your riding style and your riding position. Learn the motorcycle set up terminology on this page
Motorcycle Suspension Set Up

LR Motorcycle Accessories
Lust Racing Ltd manufactures high quality aftermarket motorcycle accessories for popular Japanese sports and supersports bike makes Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda. Lust Racing motorcycle accessories and products are known worldwide for their high quality, engineering and design.
Motorcycle Accessories

Adjustable Rearsets
Our motorcycle rearsets are made of lightweight super strong billet aircraft aluminum, and precision machined using 3D CNC mills. We produce fully adjustable rearsets for Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles.
Motorcycle Rearsets

Suspension Kits
We produce ride height adjusters for Japanese sports and supersport motorcycles. Our suspension kits allows the rider to set up the suspension for various racing tracks, track conditions and riding style. We provide motorcycle suspension linkage kits for lowering or rising the rear suspension.
Suspension Kits

Lowering Kits
See our wide range of motorcycle lowering kits for Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles. Now you can lower your Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha motorcycle to fit your needs. For most bikes we have lowering kits for various lowering of the rear suspension.
Lowering Kits

Rising Kits
See our range of motorcycle suspension rising kits for Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycles. Like to raise the rear suspension of your bike? See our range of rear suspension rising kits.
Rising Kits

Crash Protectors
Lust Racing manufactures motorcycle high quality crash protectors. Crash protectors are also known as engine protectors, frame sliders, crash bobbins, crash mushrooms and fairing protectors.
Crash Protectors

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FAQ Lowering kits and jack up kits

Questions and Answers about lowering kits, jack up kits and motorcycle geometry

Manufacturers report the ride height change in different ways, we at Lust Racing measure the ride height change vertically above the rear axle. This is the most accurate way the measure the change. On most bikes the seat height will change approximately the same amount. Based on the feedback we have received from our customers we are confident that our ride height change information is the most accurate in the industry. We are also able to calculate what link length you may need to achieve a certain lowering / rise. If you are looking for a different ride height than specified in our listing please contact us we can supply links in almost any length with very small increments. At Lust Racing we work continuously to bring out new products to the market. If we do not have a kit, and there appears to be a clear demand for it we are very likely to bring it to the market. Drop us a line if there is a certain link length you need. Please use our web-contact form.

Motorcycle manufacturers designs their bikes for the average rider - in terms of length and rider mass - whatever that "average" might be. Some newer sports-bikes have very high seat and ride height. The factory seat and ride height is a compromise that will not be perfect for every rider - in fact most riders will either be longer or shorter, heavier or lighter. Motorcycles are also made and used for various purposes, in addition rider preferences varies depending on riding style and use. Manufacturers try to make a compromise that will be good for most. This means also that it will not be ideal for everyone. Motorcycles comes in very different styles and designs, the rake and the trail varies largely depending on the style, make and purpose of the bike. With our adjustable rearsets, lowering and jack up kits you can make your bike fit your measurements, your riding style, to enhance the bike for your purpose of use. Changing the suspension geometry when made correctly is a safe modification that greatly can improve the riders confidence and riding experience.

Our lowering kits are supplied with installation instructions. Front forks are lowered by moving the forklegs upwards in the triple clamps. How much to lower depends on the bike model in question, rider/pillion/luggage mass and how large lowering. Please refer to the installation instruction supplied with the kit found on the back of the sales packaging!
Sorry, we do NOT supply instructions in digital form.

We do export to over 100 countires! For correct postage on our site, please select correct postage in the drop-down menu for the item BEFORE clicking "add to cart". The options are: "UK"(default), "EU" for all European Union countries, "Non-EU" for the rest of the world (such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey etc etc.
We send orders on daily basis around the world. In most countires it is your local post office that will deliver your parcels. All orders are sent with Tracking code. We can send by other carrier than RoyalMail however pricing for other carriers is NOT competitive unless the total mass exceeds 2kg. Most of our parcels weight between 300..500 grams. For larger orders please ask for a quote.

As the manufacturer WE KEEP ALL OUR LOWEIRNG KITS IN STOCK! (unless otherwise stated).

Customer is liable for payment of import duty if such is applied. You pay us for part and postage, NOT import duty. Failing to pay import duty resulting in parcel either being destroyed (NO refund), or returned, which can take considerable amount of time before it reaches us, will result in deduction of acutual postal cost deduction from refund when the parcel eventually is returned to us. Refunds are only issued once the goods has been received by us. COVID 19
The coronavirus pandemic may or may not cause delays in the delivery of your parcel as the pandemic can have impact on international flights and customs. Any such delays are beyond our control. HOW QUICKLY DO YOU DISPATCH MY ORDER?
In most cases we dispatch your order the very same day, sometimes your order can be processed within minutes, in general all parcels are sent within 24 hours of receiving full payment (International customers, please check you selected correct postage in the drop-down menu for the item, if not we send you a payment link for outstanding postage, check your email.
Your order will be dispatched only after receiving full payment.Note orders placed during weekends are dispatched the incoming Monday, during peak season we may receive high volumes of orders during weekends - while we do our best to always dispatch as quickly as possible on rare occations a weekend order may be dispatched Tuesday morning.

- UK orders are sent by RoyalMail 1st Class signed for estimated delivery time 1...2 working days.
- EUROPEAN UNION countries, most 3..5 working days, some 3..7 working days depending on location.
- REST OF THE WORLD, estimated delivery times 7..10 and 7..15 working days. Most parcels to the rest of the world are delivered within 7..9 days.
Estimated delivery times above are estimates, once the parcel has left us as quickly as possible the delivery is beyond our control. Based on the feedback we receive we not only intend to be one of the quickest companies to process and dispatch orders our parcels tend to arrive quickly.

YES, You do NOT need to have a PayPal account, you can pay by credit / debit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard online. Note we use PayPal Pro SSL secured payment gateway for all payments that is credit card and paypal payments. To pay by credit card DO NOT LOG INTO PAYPAL, CLICK the small text LINK BELOW the PayPal log-on form that says "Pay by Credit Card" and a normal Credit Card payment form will open up, you can then fill in your name, address and card details normally. The connection is SSL secured and safe.

I paid by PayPal but I did not feed in my address how can you deliver?
Registered PayPal account holders do not need to type in their delivery address, PayPal sends a notification of your payment and your delivery address to us (- that is the address you provided when you opened your PayPal account.)

We sell our lowering kits to wholesales prices, in a normal high steet motorcycle shop our products would cost 2..3 times as much, we can not give any further discount.

Sadly international postage is far from free, we do NOT make any profit on postage and packing material, quoted postage prices clearly dispayed are non-negotiable covering only actual costs of postage and packing for each item.
Only if you order several items at once we can combine postage, ask for a quote.

If you order several items we can combine postage, mailing cost is based on size and mass of the parcels, contact us for a quote!
Lust Racing manufactures suspension links mainly out of roll forged steel because suspension linkages need to be strong, the suspension linkage and in particular the suspension links sustain the highest forces on a bike. Simultaneously oscillating mass is good to keep as low as possible. We make suspension links that will outlast your bikes lifetime. Nobody want to experience a suspension linkage failure - we do not even want to elaborate what could follow from link failures. Why not alloy links? - Alloys elongate under pulling force, typically the around the suspension link bolt holes until a failure occure. Suspension links are constantly moving during the suspension movement, versatility and tensile strength is therefore extremely important. Alloy links need to have needle bearings and sufficient material to gain the same strength as steel links (about twice as much thickness is required for of an link made in highest quality aluminum). Alloys need to have high quality bearings to withstand the wear. We strongly advice you to think twice before you fit alloy links without or with only brass bushing's to your bike. Why not stainless steel links
Stainless steel becomes brittle under stress, for each stress cycle the material hardens and becomes more brittle. Stainless steel can fail without any warning when the material has become brittle. Usually hair cracks develop before but these can be very hard to spot. Stainless steel is not a suitable material for suspension links under consistent oscilating stess. Notably the modulus of elasticity and the fracture point for stainless steel cannot be determined accurately. The fracture point (force/area) when failure occur is not consistent for stainless steel, failure may occure already at as little as half the force for material that has sustained repeated pulling forces over time, compared to laboratory test of new material.

At Lust Racing we do not put our customers at risk! LUST RACING suspension links are made to last the lifetime of your bike. When alloys are used we fit our links with needle bearings to prevent excessive wear that otherwise will occur on alloy links.

SHOULD I GO FOR A 25mm (1"inch) OR 40mm (1.6"in) LOWERING KIT?
In general we recommend to start with a more moderate change, the higher you lift the bike the larger the difference, notice also that this is not a completely linear change as the higher the bike is lifted the angle of the swing arm changes more for each unit of change the higher the bike is lifted. Note that when you fit a jack up kit you may like to extend the side-stand. Similarly when fitting a lowering kit you may like to shorten the side-stand. With moderate changes in ride height altering the side stand is optional. With larger changes it should be done. The easiest way to accomplish this is to (cut) the side stand to shorten it. To extend cut and weld extension to it. You can get a used side-stand from a scrapper for around £ 15-20 should you ever want to change the bike back to normal ride height again, (usually when selling the bike).

ABS anti-lock brake systems measure the wheel speed using wheel speed sensors, lowering of the bike has no impact on the functionality of the ABS system. Lowering kits can be fitted to motorcycles with ABS anti-lock braking systems.

YES, note however that most bikes fitted with Electronically Adjustable Suspension (EAS), have different suspension linkage than models wihtout (EAS). We manufacture lowering kits for bikes with an without Electionically Adjustable Suspension, just make sure you select correct kit for your bike.

New bike model for this year. Do you have a lowering kit or do you intend to make a kit? Our intent is to manufacture lowering kits for most bikes, if you have not purchased the bike yet, ask your dealer to contact us!. We work closely with Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, MV Agusta, Triumph and Yamaha brand dealerships to bring new kits to the market.

I AM BUILDING A RACE / TRACK-DAY / CUSTOM BIKE - CAN YOU SUPPLY SUSPENSION LINKS? In general we do not maufacture ONE-OFF suspension links. Note, however that we do not list all suspension links that we manufacture on the website. If you have calculated the required link length for your race/track-day/custom bike please contact us with the measurements for the suspension links you need. We may well have suitable links in stock out of the 1000's of suspension linkages we manufacture.

I purchased my bike used an I do not know if the bike has been lowered/jacked up earlier. Can you tell me the length of your lowering/jack up kit? The best thing to do is that you measure the links fitted to your bike, and tell us how much you would like to rise/lower the suspension from its current level. Remember to include make, model, and year of manufacture, idealy also VIN number of your bike. We can based on your link length information check if your bike is fitted with standard suspension links or not, and calculate the link length you need to achieve the lowering or rising/jack up you require. Remember to specify you bikes make, year and model, plus the link length measured from hole centre to hole centre along with the information of how much you would like to lower or rise the suspension.

For many bikes we manufacture suspension links also in standard height. We do not list all suspension links we manufacture on the website, please ask. Please measure the hole center to hole center of the links you have fitted to your bike so we can determine if the bike has been lowered using suspension links.

We may still have a kit that fit's your bike if you provide us with some information: Mention make, model and year of manufacture ideally include VIN number (Vechicle Identification Number) and mention wether the bike is fitted with straight, bent or curved suspension links, hole to hole distance and hole diameter. Don't forget to include how much you would like to alter the ride height rise/lower the bike. MEASUREMENTS PROVIDED NEED TO BE VERY ACCURATE Accuracy 0.2mm, tolerance +-0.1mm.

LOWERING LINKS should be LONGER THAN the STANDARD LINKS. This is because most multi-link suspension systems has a rocker arm that reverses the suspension movement mechanically. We double-check each and every order we dispatch, it is very unlikely that you got the wrong kit from us, if that would have happened against all odds, do not worry in such unlikely event we would replace the kit without for FREE, but PLEASE READ ON. JACK UP LINKS should BE SHORTER THAN the STANDARD LINKS due to the suspension rocker arm that reverses swing arm movement mechanically before the shock. The rocker-arm is pivoted and more importantly the rocker arm has arms of two different lengths in other words a mechanical ratio.

Before we answer this question we give you first a technical brief, please read it. Because of the suspension rocker-arms ratio the ride height change will not be equal to the difference in suspension link length. This means that a much smaller difference in link length will translate into a significantly larger change in ride height. On some bikes it is even hard to see the difference with the old links still in place. Only a few millimeter difference in link length changes the ride height a lot more. So if you ordered a -30mm lowering kit, the links should be longer, but NOT 30mm longer than the standard ones (due the suspension rocker arm ratio). Similarly if you ordered a 25mm jack up kit the links should be shorter than the standard ones - but not 25 mm shorter (due the suspension rocker arm ratio).
CHECK CAREFULLY AND MEASURE THE LINK LENGTH FROM BOLT HOLE CENTER TO BOLT HOLE CENTER. If you got the right kit, as we still are inclined to believe, you will now notice that the links we provided are actually of different length than the ones on your bike. This is also EXPLAINED in the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION, PROVIDED WITH EACH KIT, PLEASE READ IT if you did not do it yet. We would encourage you to measure the link length again to save both your and our time. If it turns out the links really are of the same length feel free to contact us. If we have supplied wrong links for you we will replace them free of charge, we will even cover your return postage (UK only). Before you return a kit please contact us first using the web contact form or drop us an email to sales AT lustracing.co.uk - this as we want to make a few checks to avoid sending the same kit back and forth. Do not worry, you are covered if you really got the wrong kit from us. We will respond to your message ASAP (As Soon As Possible) - please include make, year of manufacture, model of your bike, description of the problem, measurement of your standard links and the links we sent to you both measured from hole centre to hole centre. Note: Do NOT measure overall link length as the outer radius may differ on some links. Measure also the hole size diameter.

Lust Racing Ltd sends out all orders normally within 24 hours from receiving your payment during business days (Monday-Friday, and orders placed and all orders we get processed before 11.00 on Saturdays). We send all orders "1st class signed for" (UK) and international orders are depending on location "Royal Mail International Tracked" or "Royal Mail International Signed for" both are express post services - otherwise some other third party carrier (DHL, UPS or similar). Note that sometimes delays in the postal service occur, that is beyond our control. Be patient, you can check the parcel tracking code on Royal Mail website to see the status of your parcel - notice there is a slight delay in this system before they upgrade the very latest event.
If you have an international order, the parcel may be inspected by security or customs, it can add some time to the order arrival. Remember also bank-holidays in UK or in your country (any country the parcel passes trough on its way). When your parcel has arrived please see the mailing date on the parcel and you notice that your order was processed and dispatched very quickly. If your parcel is late please check the tracking code we have sent to you and the status. It is very rare that parcels go completely missing. If the parcel has not arrived you can contact us using our web-contact for or send us an email. We will respond to you in a timely manner. In most cases the parcel arrives without problems. We pack all items well to avoid that items could be damaged or the embellishment broken during shipping. We do our best to resolve any issue as quickly as possible, please remember that we are dependent on the carriers information and how quickly they investigate. We will always do our best to get any issue resolved.
You can check your parcel tracking code on the RoyalMail.com website.

We provide a 14-day return right on all items (terms apply), items should be returned in the same new condition as sent to the customer. We ask you kindly to contact us before returning any item, and agree on the return. We provide you with a PRA (Product Return Authorisation) code that must be visible on the return parcel. Parcels without PRA codes are NOT accepted (refused) and are returned to the sender. Pack well, we recommend that you send returns "signed for" to prevent items from going missing in the post. Please include your contact detail and a short description why you want to return the item, bike make, model and year. Remember to include your contact details and paypal so we can refund you without delay when the item has been received by us. We want your feedback! Our aim is that every customer is 100% satisfied with the product and the service provided from us, if you feel we could have done better and could improve let us know.

WHAT DOES "FOR RACING USE ONLY" MEAN? "For Racing Use Only" is a statement to comply with international legislation, what it basically means is that if the customer intends to fit a kit for road use anywhere in the world the buyer is liable to check that the kit is legal to fit in his country of residence. Lust Racing lowering and jack up kits are probably the strongest on the market, we dimension all our suspenison links to be as strong as or stronger than the standard parts. Structural integrity of the bike is not affected by fitting a Lust Racing lowering kit.
We make kits for racing use, however they can be fitted to street/road bikes. They are made to be as strong as or stronger than standard units they replace and Lust Racing lowering and jack up kits are made to outlast the lifetime of your bike. If you fit a kit to a road bike you should check the regulations in your country. For UK residents we recommend showing the bike at a Motorcycle MOT centre. What is checked is that the rear wheel can move freely during the full suspension movement and that there is sufficient road clearance. We recommend that you inform your insurance company about the modification after having the MOT check made. We make our kits using hi-tech manufacturing and machining methods to high accuracy using high quality British Standard specification roll forged steel.

TUV approval is NOT required for the UK market TUV is a German testing organisation and TUV APPROVAL IS NO LONGER REQUIRED IN GERMANY since 2014 for equalisation of EU legislation in EU countries. Regarding quality we do supply kits among others to Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, MV Agusta, Triumph and Yamaha dealerships in UK and abroad, and to two of the mentioned manufacturers directly for specific market areas.

Lust Racing has manufactured and sold thousands and thousands of lowering and jack up kits. Not a single issue has been reported, we receive regularly thank you emails from our customers all over the world. We have top quality seller rating and gold seller rating with 99.9% positive feedback. We have never received negative feedback for our products, but the 0.01% non positive was caused by delays during Royal Mail strikes.
At Lust Racing Ltd every customer big or small is highly valued, including You! We believe in the old saying "Only Happy Customers Return". We work to manufacture high quality motorcycle accessories. In our opinion a modification should always be an upgrade in terms of strength, functionality, form and finish - and it should be delivered quickly to a competitive price. If you feel we did not live up to your highest expectations, do let us know! All feedback we receive is used to improve our products and services.

And Finally, I AM NN, CAN I COPY or REPRODUCE CONTENT, TEXT, IMAGES OR CODE FROM YOUR WEBSITE? NO, all material is copyrighted and NO permission is given to copy or reproduce all or any parts of the website or material such as installation instructions (text, content, images or code) of any material on the site without written permission for the company owners. NO copying, reprodution or re-distribution of any material is permitted. Lust Racing is a registered trade mark. In general, NO permissions will be given. We take IPR violations seriously and we DO take legal action should it be required. Lust Racing Ltd London United Kingdom UK company no 6876616 Please contact us using our web-contact form or send and email to sales AT lustracing.co.uk

Motorcycle Ride height adjusters

Motorcycle Suspension

Motorcycle lowering kits

Motorcycle jack up kits

Motorcycle Rearsets
Yamaha YZF R1 adjustable rearsets

Fully adjustable motorcycle rearsets manufactured from aerospace / aircraft billet aluminum. We manufacture rearsets for popular Japanese sports and superbikes like Suzuki GSXR 600/750/1000, Yamaha YZF R1 and YZF R6, Kawasaki ZX6,636, ZX6R, and Honda CBR600RR and Fireblade models.

Suspension Kits
Suspension linkages

Ride height adjuster kits for lowering or rising the rear suspension of your motorcycle. Replacing the suspension linkage provides the possibility to set up the suspension to suit the the racing track, track conditions and riding style. A must have for racing and track day use, highly popular for road use, streetfighters and stunt bikes. Easy to install with basic hand tools.

Crash Protectors
faring protectors - crash protectors

Crash protectors by Lust Racing. We manufacture heave-duty crash protectors mounted to the front engine mountings on the frame. Extremely high quality. Above our kit for Honda CBR600RR Lust Racing produces also fairing protectors "small bungs" protecting the bike further, small protectors are fitted at fairing fixing points. Fitting faring protectors may lower your insurance premium. Check with your insurance provider.

We ship motorcycle accessories worldwide to motorcycle racing teams, workshops and motorcycle owners. motorcycle accessories. LR.Lust Racing.

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