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Motorcycle Suspension Glossary

Motorcycle Suspension set up
Learn the motorcycle suspension set up terminology and understand what each word and term means in our suspension set up glossary. Every rider can find their own ideal suspension set up. The ideal set up for you depends on several factors, the track or road you use, the condition of the track and the weather, your lenght and weight, your riding style and yor riding position. Learn the motorcycle set up terminology on this page
Motorcycle Suspension Set Up

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Motorcycle Suspension Terminology

Learn the terminology and how to set up your motorycle suspension

By finding the correct suspension set up for your motorcycle matching your individual riding style, lenght and weight, track/road conditions your confidence level will improve. You will enjoy riding your motorcycle even more. Perhaps most importantly your confidence level and your motorcycle riding and handling skills will simultaneously improve significantly. Todays motorcycles comes with advanced suspension systems. Unfortunately many riders do not know how to set up the suspension correctly, and leave therefore the suspension settings on factory default values. While motorcycle suspension systems are advanced on production bikes they do not offer all possible adjustments racing suspensions offer. Lust Racing produces motorcycle suspension links that allows rising ("jack up kits" / "riser kits") or lowering of the the rear suspension ("lowering kits" or "drop kits"), with our kits you get one important additional way to adjust your ride height and the handling characteristics of your motorcycle.

Bottoming happens when the front forks comes to the end of their travel when fully compressed. This might happen under heavy braking. The front or rear suspension should not be allowed to "bottom" as the suspension movement comes to a sudden stop.

Compression dampning
The suspension dampening force preventing the rear shock absorber or front forks from compressing. This force is relative to the velocity (speed) of the compression. A soft supension dampening setting will compress with a higher speed than a stiffer dampening setting.

Dampning, Dampning force
The dampning force of a suspension restricts the movement and is proportional to the velocity (speed) of the movement.

During heavy braking the front fork will compress due to the weight transfer. The term "dive" refers to the horisontal movement of the bike. Typically when the front fork compresses the rear end rises up and the weight on the front wheel increases while the weight on the rear wheel decreases.

Free sag
The free sag of a motorcycle suspension system refers to the compression of the suspension under the motorcycles own weight, without rider. The free sag is the amount the suspension is compressed compared to the full length of the supension travel. See also the related term "Sag" ("Rider sag")

The term geometry refers here to a motorcycles overall geometry. A motorcycles geometry is a combination of rake, trail and ride-height that all changes during suspension movements and interact with each other. See also "rake", "trail" and "ride height".

Packing is a term used to describe an undesired effect in suspension systems. Packing occures when a suspension system is set up with excessive rebound dampning and thus prevents the front forks or rear shock absorber to extent to its full lenght. When riding over a series of bumps the suspension "packs down" since the suspension does not extend fully between each bump. A risk of suspension bottoming follows. To correct this issue, decrease rebound dampning.

The term preload describes the amount a spring is compressed from its free length when installed in a fork or shock absorber. Preload is measured as the full free spring length before assembly reduced by the length of the compressed lenght of the spring when assembled. Example: Free spring length 330 mm, Installed spring length 314 mm, Preload = 16 mm (330mm - 314mm). The preload can usually both on the rear suspension and at the front forks.

The rake is the angle of the front steering head axis measured from a vertical axis. When a motorcycle manufacturer specifies the rake of a specific model, it refers to the steering head axis angle measured from vertical of a stationary bike. Note that the rake, trail and ride height alters during suspension movement.

Ride Height
The ride height is measured directly over the front or rear axle of a motorcycle. The term "ride height" when used without specifying "front" or "rear" ride height, refers to the combination of these. The front ride height can easily be adjusted by sliding the front fork tubes in the yokes (triple clamps), while the rear ride height can be changed by extending or reducing the length of the rear suspension linkage. Lust Racing Ltd manufactures suspension links to allow adjustment of the rear ride height to improve the geometry and handling characteristics of motorcycles, this allows riders to find their ideal motorcycle suspension set up.

Sag (or "Rider Sag")
Rider sag or just "sag" is the measurement of how much the suspension is compressed with the rider sitting on the motorcycle in his/her normal riding position. The sag (rider sag) is the amount the suspension is compressed from fully extended with the rider on the motorcycle. See also "free sag".

Spring rate
A motorcycle suspension springs stiffness, expressed in kg/mm, N/mm or lb/in.

Motorcycle springs can be replaced with stiffer springs. Replacing front springs requires dismantling of the front forks, replacing rear springs requires dismantling of the rear shock absorber and special tools, and should only be conducted by suspension specialists. Dismantling shock absorbers is dangerous without neccessary specialist tools.

Compression of the rear suspension as a reaction of weight transfer and/or chain pull. Squat occures especially usually under rapid acceleration.

Topping is the he opposite of "bottoming". During topping the front fork or rear shock absorber extends fully.

Trail is the horisontal distance from the centre of the steering axis to the center of the front wheels/tyres contact point on the ground.

Instability of the rear of the motorcycle, a side ways movement of the rear end from one side to the other. Weaving is more gentle than the related term "wobble" see below.

Instability of the front end of the motorcycle, a very fast oscillation from side to side of the front end. The rider feels this in the steering bars. Wobbling can be reduced by fitting a steering damper. If wobbling occures often it should be reduced by reducing (lowering) the speed, untile the oscillating force reduces.

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Yamaha YZF R1 adjustable rearsets

Fully adjustable motorcycle rearsets manufactured from aerospace / aircraft billet aluminum. We manufacture rearsets for popular japanese sports and superbikes like Suzuki GSXR 600/750/1000, Yamaha YZF R1 and YZF R6, Kawasaki ZX6,636, ZX6R, and Honda CBR600RR and Fireblade models.

Suspension Kits
Suspension linkages

Ride height adjuster kits for lowering or rising the rear suspension of your motorcycle. Replacing the suspension linkage provides the possibility to set up the suspension to suit the the racing track, track conditions and riding style. A must have for racing and track day use, highly popular for road use, streetfighters and stunt bikes. Easy to install with basic hand tools.

Crash Protectors
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Crash protectors by Lust Racing. We manufacture heave-duty crash protectors mounted to the front engine mountings on the frame. Extremely high quality. Above our kit for Honda CBR600RR Lust Racing produces also fairing protectors "small bungs" protecting the bike further, small protectors are fitted at fairing fixing points. Fitting faring protectors may lower your insurance premium. Check with your insurance provider.